WhY yOuTh SeE hOpE iN pReSiDeNt ObAmA

Youth say Barrack Obama, the President of the United States reflects change. Youth who attended the rally during the elections last year in America said they were interested in President Obama's ideas on education, health care an the war in Iraq. war is a huge waste of time and money, they say. they like his views about change and hope.
In his past speeches, Obama had said how he would help students get more financial aid and that education was one of the things he would work most on. youth believe Obama will lead American in the right direction.
A national poll in America showed that three-quarters of the public think Obama is a strong an decisive leader. it was the highest marks the public gave for a president on that characteristic in nearly three decades before he took office. seventy-six percent of Americans questioned in a CNN/ Opinion Research Corp. survey said Obama is a strong and decisive leader.
Eight in ten Americans said Obama inspires confidence, ca n get things done and is though enough to be president. these are three characteristics Americans look for in a leader and the three qualities on which Obama got his highest scores.
He also scored high on honesty, values, issues, management abilities and compassion. much of Obama's values an character traits were developed while he was still young. he was raised by a single mother and his grandparents. they didn't have much money, but they taugth him good values. he took out loans to put himself through school.
Barrack Obama comes at a time where there are desperate global problems - financial instability climate change, energy insecurity, potential pandemics, terrorism and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. all of those requires an effective new style of leadership.......
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