My Buah Hati Intan Payung

Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín (Brest, Finisterre, France; 10 of December of 1987) are an Argentine soccer player born in France. It made debut professionally in the first Argentine division playing for River Plate, equipment in which one evolved soccer until the conclusion of Opening 2006. From January of 2007 it militates in the rows of Real Madrid, club to which it was transferred in December of 2006.

He is the third son of the famous defender Jorge “the Pipe” Higuaín and brother of the player Federico Higuaín. It left France at the age of ten months and it did not return until the Glass of the World of 1998. There although French nonspeech, owns the passport of this country to have been born

translate sendiri lah ek.. dictionary online belambak di pasaran internet........... x perlu admin bersusah payah memerah otak mengeluarkan keringat untuk meneranslatekan bahasa inggeris ni kepada bahasa malaysia.. bersyukur la, nasib baik admin x cari spanish punye version..karang berbelit lidah korang bace lak..hak2ha


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